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After years of oblivion (from 1988 to 1994), passed to write pieces without having a band, in 1995, the guitarist LGD (Luigi Guarino D.), forms the first and precarious formation of the ANGUISH FORCE, then known only as ANGUISH

The intent of LGD

The intent of LGD was to play the kind of music, with which he was growing up in the glorious ’80ies and that in the ten-year period in course, he was polluting himself true distant influences away from the classic Heavy Metal. And with this, going completely countercurrent, he decided to put all his influences in the band, starting from Hard Rock, passing onto Heavy Metal, Speed and Power, arriving to Thrash.Well, a real fluttered True Metal that still puts in difficulty whoever tries to label the style of this band.

It's not easy..

It is not easy to find a stable formation, in a period in which proposing a type from Defenders was equivalent to aim itself a gun to the temple, but LGD never gave up and after a weathervane of substitutions, he began to find more stable elements. So, from 1998 in then, the first premature demos began to come out, followed by their first homonymous CD in 2003. After the first work in the studio, the band does his first leap of quality and to propose themselves more in live seats, participating also at some festivals reliefs. At the end of 2003, the band decides to change their name passing from ANGUISH to ANGUISH FORCE and so, in 2005 the second album with the title “2: City of Ice” gets released. In year 2006, the band registers the single “Defenders united“..

2007 and incident..

2007 was conditioned by a serious accident, which occurred to LGD‘s pulse, he seriously risked a premature conclusion of his career as a guitarist and that held ANGUISH FORCE motionless for a long period of time. A large attitude and a special willpower did help that the articulations of the hand began again to work properly. 2008 is the year of the concept “III: Invincible Imperivm Italicvm”, this CD presents itself as the most ambitious one, which has ever been produced by this band.

from 2009

In year 2009 comes the album “Created 4 Self-Destruction” and a collection of old and unpublished songs: “RRR 1988-1997” completely rearranged and recorded. After a year the EP “Cry, Gaia cry”. 2012 is the year of the masterpiece “Atzwang” and for the second chapter of forgetted songs “RRR 1998-2002”. 2013 is the year of the Music cassette “Thrashin’ Meteors”, album with revisited Thrash Metal song with diverses edit tracks only in 100 copies.


2015 was the year of the 6th album “Sea Eternally Infested” and the time of two singles: the 12″ limited Vinyl “The Bermuda’s Triangle” and “Shark Attack” with the bonus track “Rage”, original sountrack of the horror movie “Rabbia”.

It continues with the albums “Chapter 7”, “The weight of the future” and “Novum Ordinem Vetus Emblem”