RRR 1988-1997

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From the forgotten box. This album is a collection of hidden riffs and forgotten songs, meticulously rearranged, revisited and recorded with the current line-up. The aim is to remember the first and hard period  between 1988 and 1994, in which a very young LGD wrotes down the first notes, which formed the skeleton of this tracks. Other tracks, were taken by their very approximately versions included in the demo 1998.

Dal passato riemergono i primissimi pezzi acerbi e completamente rivisitati di LGD, risalenti ancor prima della prima formazione del 1995, cioè tra il 1988 e il 1994 quando la band non esisteva. Altri pezzi si possono trovare in maniera molto approssimativa nei primi demo della band a partire dal 1998. Questa raccolta, riregistrata e proposta con la attuale line-up, è un degno omaggio a quei tempi ormai lontani.

1. fire from hell
2. death in hell
3. eye of lucyfer
4. priest of war
5. born with the chains …and dead under the whip
6. your bloody sword
7. wind of menace
8. annihilation
9. heroes of metal
10. the witch of the castle
11. heavy metal breakdown (grave digger cover)
12. sympathy (uriah heep cover)